Real South African Boerewors, Droëwors and Biltong in Belgium!

And for the whole of Europe and the UK as well!

Spring 2010

Schalk Burger enjoying his Boerie roll If Schalk Burger enjoyed his boerie roll made with our wors you should certainly try it as well. Our wors is without doubt the best you can get outside South Africa!
During the last Worldcup series in France we supplied the Springboks with 40kg Boerewors and Droëwors for their pre-match party in Montpellier.
Now we know where they got the strength to win!
Have a look at Schalk Burger enjoying his boerie roll!

Spring is here at last and so are the daffodils, the warmer weather, the budding trees and flowers, litlle lambs frolicking in the meadows and all those beautiful things that come with Spring!

And, with Spring it is braai time again !!

All over Europe the barbecues are being lit and the smell of meat braaing and pap "plopping away" on the stove hangs in the air. It's like the whole world has come to life again and millions of excited Expats are readying themselves for the first braais of 2010
- Beer in one hand and braaifork in the other -

But ..... what is a braai without boerewors!

REAL boerewors you can smell!
Remember those Saturday afternoons in South Africa where you could "smell" the boeries on the braais everywhere?
You can "smell" our boerewors on the braai fires all over Europe from as close as Belgium, Holland and Germany to as far as Monaco, Trieste, Rome, Barcelona, Paris, Moscow, good old London Town and even on the coasts of Turkey and Ireland!
It says something when people come all the way from Berlin just to get some real boerewors to take back!

So, come on, join the thousands of happy braaiers and order your boeries now!

You can order direct from us.

Here is how it works:
  • You complete the order form you find by clicking right here (or just email us) and you can have your order as soon as the next day! (depending where you are in this world!)
    You can pay either via PayPal (with your credit card and you don't have to be subscribed) or by doing a bank transfer. People closer to us can come and collect of course.
  • Once we have received your payment we will post your parcel via the fasted possible mailing service. This means that it could arrive as soon as the next day (Belgium and Holland) or, in the case of other European countries somewhere between 3-5 days.

  • Now, don't worry if you don't, because all our wors is vacuum packed to ensure that nothing can happen to it even if it is out of the fridge for a couple of days. Ask the people in Switzerland! 6 or 7 days and the wors was great!

    To give you an idea of cost..........

    We mail our Droëwors and Biltong to anywhere in the world
    but take no responsibility for confiscation by customs officials.

    Our Boerewors is € 9.25 € 8.45 per kg
    Minimum mailing quantity of 2 kg
    Always a 100 odd kilograms or so in stock!!

    Our Droëwors is € 45.00 € 30.00 per kg - (1kg packs)
    Or € 4.00 per 100 gram packet. Minimum mailing quantity of 500 gram.
    Plenty of stock right now but be quick it just seems to disappear as fast as we make it!!

    Our Biltong is € 55.00 € 40.00 per kg - (1kg packs)
    Or € 4.75 per 100 gram packet. Minimum mailing quantity of 500 gram.
    Not always in stock because it normally leaves as we make it so phone first to see if we have!

    Our Biltong CHILLIE BITES is € 65.00 € 55.00 per kg - (250 gram packs)(NOT for the faint-hearted)
    Or € 6.00 per 100 gram packet. Minimum mailing quantity of 500 gram.
    Not always in stock because it normally leaves as we make it so phone first to see if we have!

    (The above prices are valid till further notice.
    Orders larger than 50 kg may qualify for special pricing. Call [see bottom] for details.
     Click below to place your order
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    Order quick before we run out of stock!


    Country  Method  Weight  Appr time  Cost 
    Belgium  Taxipost  < 2kg  24 hours  € 6.70 
    Belgium  Taxipost  2-10kg  24 hours  € 9.70 
    Belgium  TaxiPost  10-30kg  24 hours  € 11.70 
    Holland (posted from Holland)  Priority  < 10kg  1 day  € 8.95 
    Holland (posted from Belgium)  Priority  < 10kg  2-3 days  € 13.00 
    ** Other EU countries (Incl UK)
    (Posted from Holland)
    Priority  <5kg  3-4 days  € 14.00 
    ** Other EU countries (Incl UK)
    (Posted from Belgium)
    Priority  <5kg  3-4 days  € 26.00 
    ** Other EU countries (Incl UK)
    (Posted from Holland)
    Priority  <5kg  3-4 days  € 21.50 
    ** Other EU countries (Incl UK)
    (Posted from Belgium)
    Priority  <5kg  3-4 days  € 39.00 

    ** Just email us if you want the rates for any of the following countries: Ireland, Letland, Poland, Portugal, Finland, Hungary, Greece, Malta and Cyprus.

    Courier rates are also available upon request

    Some interesting facts..........

    • Our wors is the result of months of training by a well known South African butcher before we came to Europe.
    • Miles and miles of boerewors!
    • It is made by us at our local friendly butcher assuring the highest possible quality
    • The spices we use are specially imported from South Africa as used by most butchers there.
    • Because of the spices we use, our Boerewors does not only taste like the real thing; it IS the real thing.
    • Remember those Saturday afternoons when you could smell the Boeries on the braai! That's how it should be and that is what you will get from us!
    • All our Boerewors is vacuum-packed to preserve the natural flavours of the spices and to improve overall quality and shelf-life.
    • Our Boerewors is packed in packets of approximately 500 grams each.
    • Each year we make more than 2000 kg of Boerewors for our discerning customers. This year it will be even more!
    • For the last four years we have supplied the South African Embassy in Brussels with their Boerewors requirements.
    • Our Boerewors has traveled wide and far and has been posted, couriered or otherwise found its way to countries as diverse as: Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, England and Holland to mention but a few.
    Click here to order

    What our customers say..........

    Hi Guys,

    I received my last order of 4kg boerewors and biltong yesterday ... and after a spontanous braai out back with boerewors and South African wine ... it was not enough for all the people that came around for a taste.
    So this time, I am going for a bigger order!!!
    Please send me another 10kg boerewors and a kg each of your devine biltong and even better droewors!
    Kind regards

    Robert Moneymaker-Donachie

    Hello Lo,

    We had boerewors for dinner and it was the greatest! Well soon be back for more!
    Thank you so much for a wonderful wors.
    Simply the best - Yvonne de Vos! Kind regards

    Douglas Wagner

    G 'day Lo

    Just a quick note to let you know that our order arrived all right.
    As always it tastes PERFECT. Just what the doctor ordered.
    REAL South African Biltong with a bit of fat!!
    Is it possible to pick up our ( future) orders ourselves?
    Once again thanks.

    Myles O'Reiley

    Hi June

    Your boeries is DEVINE!! We already finished the lot of it!! Feels like we are back in SA!!!
    You can almost smell it!! Thank you!

    Yvonne Rautenbach

    Hi Lo,

    I received the wors yesterday thanks!
    Cooked it immediately of course and YES!, it's got all the flavours and NOSTALGIA mixed in it! You made my day!!

    Raymond Mbatha

    Hello Lo,

    I am chomping away right at this moment on your DELICIOUS wors .......arrived here at 8.30 this morning by courier!
    Brilliant Service - thank you so much!!! Simply the best - Yvonne de Vos!
    Will be in touch again soon.
    All the best,

    Lynne Turnbull

    Hello Lo,

    Biltong collected and tasted to 110% satisfaction, also the Boerewors or whatever it was. Absolute delicious!
    I would like to promote your products to my friends and new orders will possible come through before Christmas.
    There will be a great market for this in Norway!!

    Best regards,

    Arnfinn Seldal

    Hi there Lo!

    Sorry it's taken me this length of time to get back to you! Just wanted you to know that the boerie was FANTASTIC!!!!!
    We'll place another order from us soon, as we've got South African friends that live in Holland coming to visit in December
    - Nothing like a braai in the snow!!! -
    Best regards

    Kim White

    Hi Lo,

    The braai was baie baie lekker!!!
    My whole family was astonished by the food and the boerewors!
    All the dishes and meat where finished by the end! There was nothing left but full bellies!!
    They had a great night and an even greater braai!!!
    Baie dankie vir alles!
    With kind regards

    Sofie de Geest

    Your droewors is simply AMAZING!

    Olivia de Vos

    Dear Lo and June

    It was like being back home!( albeit the weather).
    Got home started up the BBQ ....and VOOMA.... it was like heaven!
    Boerewors, biltong and dry wors ( with beer nogal) was excellent thanks.
    I have handed out already 5 packs to neighbours and friends...and i am sure they will appreciate it very much as we did!
    Many thanks once again and will definitely will be back once current stocks run low....!
    Kind Regards,

    Suren Pather


    Oh it is so yammie!!! Thank you letting SA sun come in our home !!!!!!!!!!
    Speak to you soon!
    You can almost smell it!!
    Alicja Coetzer
    Cambron St Vincent

    Hello Guys,

    Braai weather has arrived to the UK and we got the Braai out 2 days ago!
    Cooked over hot coals your Boerewors is absolutely SUPERB! The flavour and tecture is excellent!
    I left Zambia in 1982 and have never got real Boerewors until now.
    Keep up the good work and I'll be ordering again soon!
    All the best,

    Neil Wilson

    Hi Lo,

    To tell you the truth, your boerewors is absolutely fantastic. It really tastes like it should, only better!!
    (Or have I been away from South Africa too long; but I don't think so. The quality is really good).
    My wife loves it as well, so the the boerewors is disappearing fast now.
    So keep it up, and I'll get back to you in time with a new order.

    All the best
    The real taste of South Africa from the heart of Belgium!
    Anders Fogelqvist

    Hello Lo,

    Got our latest order last week .... everything PERFECT!
    Your biltong is, as always, THE BEST!! If you have still some of the same batch please send me another 3kg please?
    By the way, your droëwors (which I was able to taste first the first time now) is absolutely delicious.
    You will certainly receive some more droëwors orders ....!!

    Thanks and kind regards

    Horst Boehmckr

    Hi Lo,

    We received our order today, thanks for the excellent service!
    The boerewors is really good, so good in fact that the kids kids keep asking every night if they can have it for dinner!
    As for the droëwors and biltong well that's another story!
    We have to fight the kids off otherwise we don't get to see any of it. We will be pulling out the Weber on Christmas Day
    to braai some Turkey (NOT).
    Bring on the Boeries!
    Once again thanks for the really good quality of your products.
    Droëwors, better than at a lot of butchers in South Africa
    Terence White

    Hallo Lo,

    Gister het taxipos die boerewors bij ons gelewer om 9:15 uur.
    Mij ma het dit saans klaargemaak en jij kan dit nie glo nie maar jij het gister die Suid Afrikaanse son terug in ons hart laat skijn.
    Die boerwors was baie lekker,ons het baie geniet en jij sal seker van ons blij hoor.
    Ons dink dit is heerlijk dat ons die lekkere wors sommer hier in België kan krij.
    Baie baie dankie, groetjies en tot gou!!

    Marijke Claes
    Suid Afrikaanse Ambassade

    Dear Lo

    I tasted your boerewors for the first time yesterday and it was excellent!
    I had a braai with some friends and we all ate boerie rolls and it felt like we were all back home again!!
    Really juicy boerewors. Dit was baie lekker!
    There is only one problem Lo..... I believe we are going to eat more than 2 tons a year!
    All the best!

    Lance Lawson

    Dankie, dankie!!

    Die wors is so lekker baie dankie!
    Ek het gelyk die braai aangesteek toe my vriendin my veras het met 2kg van ernstig heerlike boerewors!
    In Suid Afrika sal jy ook moet soek om sulkke lekker wors te vind, die supermarkte in Suid Afrika het nie sulkke lekker wors nie.

    Heerlik, dankie!!! you can see we very much enjoyed it, and still are enjoying! Honestly!
    Many thanks also for your friendly service,
    Droëwors, better than at a lot of butchers in South Africa
    Hanneke Booltink
    Bergen op Zoom

    Dear Lo

    The Boerewors was enjoyed by everyone, South Africa sihed saying; "mmmm yummy real boerries again at last!"
    Of course this started off a lot of reminiscing and brought tears to our eyes and lumps in the throat.
    Lo, thanks again.
    Kind regards

    Lidia Pereira
    Den Haag

    Hello Lo and June,

    Good news, the biltong arrived this morning! I must say that your biltong and droewors are both superb in quality and taste!!
    We recently got back from Cape Town and I seriously believe your biltong is some of the best I have tasted!
    Congrats and I look forward to placing my next order soon!
    All the best

    Norman Pridgeon


    Thank you so much for the order!
    It arrived here a few minutes ago and I've just had my first taste of dry wors in ages.
    Evokes great memories of hot days, sunshine and great times.
    Your prompt service is amazing and I know the braai is going to be working here this weekend.....
    The real taste of South Africa from the heart of Belgium!
    Sandy Rae

    Hi Lo and June,

    By the time I got home the family had settled in to the parcel had the cats!
    We had boerie rolls the first night so the neighbours think were are crazy...braaing outside with the temperature at -1!
    People at home wouldn't believe us.
    We will be going back to SA for a shot visit at the end of April if you need anything organised? Best regards

    Daniel Taylor

    Dear Lo

    Thanks so much for getting our biltong and droëwors delivered to the UK at such short notice. We really appreciated that.
    You would be astonished to see how fast it all disappeared! It was absolutely delicious, definitely the best ever!
    All the best

    Jeanie Harrod

    Dear Lo,

    Thank you sending our Christmas present of Boerewors to my sister in Germany!
    The parcel arrived on December 19 and my sister and her family were thrilled! They had a Christmas dinner of boerewors 5 days early!
    The best they have tasted!
    It brought a little of home to a dark, damp Germany!
    Thank you so much for the excellent and quick service you gave us! We will certainly make use of it again.
    Regards, from a veeeeeeeeeerrry hot and humid Gauteng,

    Renate Zipfel
    South Africa

    Bonjour Lo,

    Today I waited impatiently for my doorbell to ring to take delivery of my very first (6kg) boerewors order.
    I had never tasted any of your products. Yet, I had confidence that it would be delicious!
    As soon as it arrived I called my hubby. I then grilled some boerewors and put them on my homemade rolls, added some onions,homemade chili sauce and ..........
    OH MY GOODNESS, in the time span of a few minutes i found myself transported back home!

    I am South African and my hubbie is French but sometimes it seems the other way around so I spend my time trying to find South African goodies.
    My parents in law adore anything South African so they always hang around for the next South African meal. This weekend it's BOEREWORS!

    Can I just mention that the packaging was excellent. It was well sealed and I was stunned by how well it was preserved, really cold, not frozen! Well done and thanks!

    Janine Lahcene

    Hi Lo,

    Wow, couldn't believe how crazy everyone went when the package arrived!
    Even our cats (biltong experts themselves) went bossies trying to get to the biltong (their way of telling us we have been away from SA too long!!!!)
    The Droëwors is of the best we have tasted and Biltong was excellent.
    Boerie Rolls on Saturday!!
    Cheers for now

    Daniel Taylor

    Hallo Lo,

    Dankie dat jy dit so vinnig stuur, ek kan nie wag nie!! Raai wat eet ons more aand!
    Ek en my man was vorige week in Montpellier in Frankryk gewees vir die rugby en het by 'n Australiese Pub regte egte Boerewors rolle en Droëwors ge-eet!!
    Alles van julle af bestel! En het die Bokke en almal dit geniet!
    Dit was die hoogtepunt van die naweek en dan natuurlik die rugby.
    Ek het die geld suksesvol oorgeplaas na Fortis.
    Tot volgende keer

    Daleen Kriel

    Hi Lo,

    Thought I'd send you a quick note just to tell you how much I enjoyed your boerewors in Belgium this evening! (Sorry I woke you up so late but I just had to tell you!)
    I'm over here to attend the Grand-Prix at Spa-Francorchamps and am staying over at my friend and colleague, Dieter, in Begijnendijk for the weekend. He suggested boerewors rolls for dinner, and I must tell you it was some of the best I've had - and I really do enjoy my boerie rolls!
    Just enough spices; the best mix of meat and .... the smell of boerewors on coals in the evening air.
    What a joy!
    Best regards,

    Hendrik Verwoerd
    South Africa

    Hi Guys,

    I go to South Africa about once a year and always buy droëwors and I thought that that was the best but .... the butchers in South Africa must come to you to learn how to make REAL droëwors.
    I don`t know what you did and how you make it but it is the best!
    A South African friend of mine is taking some to South Africa next month to show the butcher there how it should be done!
    Droëwors, better than at a lot of butchers in South Africa
    Hans Scheffers

    The Boerewors great! In fact we had it again last night – Rosemary gave us some to take home.
    My brother was over from Cape Town and even he was impressed (he fancies himself as a bit of a boerie connoisseur!).
    Actually, French sausages are great ...... but there is really nothing to compare to the flavour of egte boeries!
    Best regards

    Nick Molden

    Hallo people!

    What a great surprise!
    Before I had even had time to check whether the money was indeed out of my account the parcel arrived.
    It smelled heavenly!
    Unfortunately father's day is not till Sunday so we'll have to wait.
    I've popped the boeries into the freezer till then.
    The real taste of South Africa from the heart of Belgium! Thanks for the great service!
    Have a great day - you certainly made mine.


    Jean Thompson

    Dear Lo

    The boerewors is great and I am eating much too much of it! Our guests have even got a taste and were in seventh heaven!
    Best wishes

    Ronel Oberholzer

    Morning Lo,

    My Boerewors and Droëwors arrived last week.
    As I have just returned from holiday in South Africa and having eaten plenty of Biltong and Droëwors, I can honestly say that yours was of the best I have tasted!!
    Packaging was fine, no complaints.
    Haven't got round to eating any of the Boerewors yet, but it looks fine.

    Andy Masters

    Hello there!

    I received my boerewors yesterday and had some last night with "stywe pap" and sous!
    The packaging was superb and you will definitely get more orders from me in the future.
    Thank you very much.

    Peter Wagner
    Killure Lodge,
    Killure, Goresbridge

    Hi Lo

    We had some pap-en-wors the very next evening and it was great. Boerewors on the braai, sunny skies and a beer in hand, that's life!
    Do you know where I can find some decent breadrolls to make boerewors-rolls? I don't want to use baguettes or sandwich bread. The kind they use at IKEA is very nice but I don't know where to buy it.
    Keep up the good work

    Conrad Booyse

    Hi Lo,

    The wors arrived after only one day and all was well. The meat was well packed and the condition perfect.
    The taste is even better!!
    Thank you for the careful packaging.

    Louise Liebenberg

    Dear Lo

    The Boerewors was great – well packed and fresh! It only took two days to get here in Germany!
    Thanks a lot

    Andrew Hall

    Hi Lo,

    Happy new year !

    I wanted to catch up by telling just how much we enjoyed your boerewors!!
    It tasted 'just like in SA' and it arrived in perfect condition!
    Thanks very much also for your kind help.

    Tyrone Morris

    Dear Lo,

    I am a very happy man today!
    Since I opened the parcel this morning I absolutely cannot wait to get home and braai tonight.
    Thank you for the wors, it does look the best I have had since living in the UK and I can assure you I will be ordering more quite soon.
    When it arrived I was impressed with the packaging.
    It was also very, very cold??? (Not sure how)
    Thank you very much!

    Ruari Richardson

    Hi Guys!

    We finally had our first braai and the boerewors was "baie lekker"
    It just gave the braai a touch of home.
    Thanks again

    Karyn de Rooy

    Hello Lo,

    You can almost smell it!! Thanks for your email yesterday.
    The Boerewors arrived here just after 2.00 p.m. today.
    Excellent packing and condition.
    True to form the Managing Directors here couldn't wait for an appropriate Braai occasion, so Daphne sommer fried a piece immediately.
    I have been asked to inform you that it tastes baie lekker!
    Thank you and I will be in touch again when we have had a proper Braai.
    Very best wishes,

    George Versteyne

    Hello Lo

    I received the boeries in perfect condition! The packaging was very good and the meat was vacuum packed! Perfect!
    We have had a couple of braais already!!!!
    Thank you so much for the Droëwors! It's the first time I tasted it and my husband also! It's delicious!!!
    I just have to watch out for the extra kilos!!!!


    Dear Lo and June

    The Boerewors was absolutely wonderful!
    We have savoured every bite, thanks so much. Tonight we are initiating our neighbours to good South African food with Boerewors rolls.
    The whole family also are enjoying the Droëwors.
    Thanks again and kind regards


    Hi again,

    The braai was a hit and the neighbours are hooked, hopefully you will get some orders out of the deal.
    Thanks again for everything!
    Kind regards

    Leigh Menschig

    Hallo Lo

    Ek reageer net op my Boerewors bestelling van 50kg.
    Alles het hier perfek aangekom en byna alles was nog gevries.
    Die bietjie wat nie meer gevries was nie,was nog heeltemal koud (in elk geval vakuum verpak).
    Die verpakking was onverbeterlik en baie netjies.
    Jy het vir my twee soorte Boerewors gestuur, albei baie lekker.
    Ek wou nog aan ander mense verkoop maar ek dink nie meer so nie!

    Louwtjie van Vuren

    Dear Lo

    In May I ordered for the first time from you.
    Our first order was for 2-kg of Droëwors.
    The order was dealt with swiftly and without any problems and two days later we received the Droëwors at our doorstep.
    The packaging was excellent and the Droëwors arrived fresh and cool as if we have just bought it over the counter at the butchery.
    Today I am placing another order - this time for both fresh Boerewors and Droëwors and I have to say that the prompt reply we had on our mail from this morning was impressive.
    I wish you all the best for the future and know that with this service you will be around for a long time.
    We will always be available as a reference for your future clients.
    Kind regards

    Koos Conradie

    We can be contacted by email at or by telephone at +32 (16) 53.96.25
    Natuurlijk spreken we Nederlands!

    Kind regards

    Lo and June

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